Ariva Wonderland Offers Unique Experiences In The Metaverses

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Ariva Wonderland is the metaverse project from Ariva.Digital, a blockchain-based tourism payments product. With its latest product, the project once again launches its users into a new world filled with possibilities. The Ariva Wonderland presents a new experience, while also allowing users to earn by owning assets.

Like its parent product, Ariva Wonderland focuses heavily on the tourism aspect of the metaverse. It allows users to travel not only to different places in the metaverse but through time as well. It aims to bring the dynamics of life and the pinnacle of entertainment all built around a unique travel experience.

Experience The Real World In The Metaverse

In the Ariva Wonderland game, there are metaverse versions of real-life landmarks. Although these versions are modeled closely after their real-life versions, they are also designed in a way that allows users to see various interesting landmarks in the world and also view them from different perspectives.

An example of this is the pyramids in Egypt. They are one of the eight wonders of the world and the way they were built continues to boggle the minds of people around the globe. With Ariva Wonderland, users no longer have to wonder how these structures were erected. They can choose to visit the pyramids in the present time or travel back in time and experience the construction of the pyramids.

This time travel feature helps to set the metaverse apart from the rest, providing users a never-before-seen experience of real-life landmarks. Not only can users travel back in time, but they can also travel into the future to see these places from a futuristic perspective.

Own A Piece Of Ariva Wonderland

Like with any metaverse, users are able to own a piece of the Ariva Wonderland metaverse. They can do this by purchasing land in the metaverse. It consists of seven galaxies and seven craters, which house thousands of customized lands in 49 different space areas. All of the lands in the metaverse are connected. However, there are only a total of 160,000 parcels available.

This number makes land in Ariva Wonderland an incredibly valuable asset. Some lands are rarer than others, making them even more valuable. An example is a VIP plot of land that is available in the Dubai crater. The city has been making strides when it comes to its crypto investments, as such, a crater was reserved for it. In the middle is the Dubai Palm Island surrounded by luxury hotels, malls, etc. Only one VIP plot will be made available for sale in this crater for now.

Users are also able to build a life in Ariva Wonderland. They can go on dates to the movies, theaters, etc. Other unique experiences include traveling, visiting, trading, even getting married in the metaverse.

Ariva Wonderland gives users the chance to have a second life. Users can build businesses, customize their lands to their taste, and earn money through Travel2Earn which rewards users for spending time in the metaverse and completing activities.


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